Faculty mentoring Faculty

Armando A. Pina (right), ASU Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology, serves as an out-of-area advisor to Manú Avilés-Santiago, Assistant Professor in Communication and Culture. ASU’s Faculty mentoring Faculty initiative plays an informal and supportive role for junior faculty working to secure tenure. Manu, for example, has a new book “in press” reporting findings from complex media data analyses that elegantly showcase the stress, tensions, and uncertainties ethnic minority soldiers experienced in the battlefield as documented by the soldiers themselves using social media. In my opinion and knowledge of the mental health and psychosocial literature with military families, explained Dr. Pina, this book can set the stage for improving the way we train folks for military service, the ways we tailor psychosocial interventions for military families, and the ways survivor programs help minority bereaved families cope with the loss of a loved one in the battlefield. 

Armando Pina