Meet Our Team

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Armando Pina, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist, The Courage Lab

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Arizona State University, Tempe

Over the past two decades, my scientific curiosity has evolved from exposure to my students, scientific mentors, and community partners. Recently, I have been collaborating with school administrators and individuals who deliver social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum to elementary school youth. Because of these collective experiences, my interests have shifted from working in the laboratory to working in the “real-world”. I am interested in child anxiety research but also in the study of children's courage. I feel that by taking a strength-based approach, that is positive and valued, my research can better serve community organizations, like schools and providers working with children, adolescents, and caregivers.

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Ryan D. Stoll, Ph.D.

Director of Research Innovation and Commercialization, The Courage Lab

My research focuses on understanding the best practices for enhancing fit between mental health interventions and the "real-world". In particular, I am concerned with the application of design, marketing, and entrepreneurial principles to translate science-based programs into effective and sustainable tools for community settings. This includes: market segmentation, product positioning (e.g., branding, pricing, promotion), assessments of consumer and provider preferences, and the re-packaging of interventions into simpler, less intensive interventions that are consumer-focused. I also am interested in examining how mobile and smart technologies can be harnessed to enhance the precision of evidence-based interventions, as well as exploring the viability of alternative funding mechanisms (e.g., crowdfunding, venture capital, commercialization) to implement and disseminate evidence-based interventions at scale. 

Skyler Hawkins Mendes, Ed.M.

Graduate Research Scientist, The Courage Lab

Doctoral Student in Developmental Psychology, Arizona State University, Tempe

My scholarly interests are prevention science, specifically its implications for promoting social-emotional wellness in youth and preventing the development of child psychopathology. I am primarily interested in translational research that has implications for community-based prevention and intervention programs targeted to “at risk” youth. My secondary interests are in the science of teaching and learning.

Hardian Thamrin, B.A.

Graduate Research Scientist, The Courage Lab

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology, Arizona State University, Tempe

My interest foci are on developing, adapting and implementing feasible and scalable interventions for hard-to-reach, underserved communities, with an emphasis in ethnic minority youth, LGBTQ+ youth, and international populations.

Current Research Assistants (2018-2019)


Ashleigh Watts

Elizabeth Carnesi

Jade Gates

Navneet Kaur

Kelly Eggen

Leroy Parker

Rebekah Garrett

Sonia Sabrowsky

Devan Walter


Where are they now?

Former Graduate Students

Geri Zerr, PhD (2012) - Oscar Kaplan Postdoctoral Fellow at San Diego State University

Lindsay Holly, PhD (2015) - Postdoctoral Associate at Boston University, Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders

Julia Parker, PhD (2016) - Instructor at Florida International University

Henry Wynne, PhD (2017) - Postdoctoral Fellow at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University

Amanda Chiapa, PhD (2017) - Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University


Former Undergraduate Students

Over the past decade, we have trained and mentored 60+ undergraduate research assistants.