To develop a sustainable protocol that elementary schools can use to achieve the following goals.

  • Promote positive attitudes at school and home
  • Foster learning readiness and academic curiosity
  • Create opportunities to promote positive behaviors in the classroom

  • Encourage positive school climate and academic confidence

  • Promote school engagement and academic achievement



We collaborated with school staff and other stakeholders to streamline and package core components from top science-based programs, including those developed in our own research, into attractive and deliverable games and learning activities for the students.



In an initial controlled study across 7 schools, children in the REACH program showed significant improvements in self-regulation, emotion expressivity, and social skills.

96.4% of parents felt that REACH taught their children coping skills

94% found the REACH coping skills to be helpful

96% of parents felt their child was happy to be a part of REACH

Study Causes and Develop Cures associated with REACH


REACH and Your School District

Several districts in the East Valley have identified a number of schools to serve as ambassadors of the REACH program. To achieve this goal, districts have been working with a local ASU REACH team.

During the next few months, principals, teachers, school psychologists, school social workers, counselors, parents, and student ambassadors will be working in their schools to launch REACH. School staff will participate in training sessions and students will be invited to learn the REACH skills.

In addition, the ASU REACH team has made a commitment to school districts to gather information from students, schools, teachers, and parents to help us evaluate the positive impact of REACH. We hope you are as excited as we are about this opportunity for the school and students!

If you have questions about REACH, please call the REACH team or the school’s REACH ambassador.

Participating REACH Schools

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