Join Our Team-Undergraduate Students

We are no longer recruiting undergraduate research assistants for Fall 2018.

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We are no longer recruiting undergraduate research assistants for Fall 2018.

The next recruitment phase will begin in October 2018.  

Dear undergraduate students,

We are currently seeking one to two awesome undergraduate (or post-bachelors) research assistants to join our team starting in Spring 2018. Successful applicants will be collaborative, have good communication skills, manage their time well, aren't afraid to ask questions, and take initiative. 

Undergraduate research assistants work on several different projects throughout the year, which can include:

  • Literature searches and reviews
  • Data entry and basic analysis using SPSS
  • Data collection in K-6 school settings
  • Contributing to research papers and grants
  • Independent research for conference presentations (or honor's thesis)
  • Helping develop mental health intervention materials for youth, families, and schools
  • Supporting dissemination of our research into the community (e.g., social media, newsletters, blogging)

We also hold regular professional development meetings so you leave our lab with a core set of skills you can apply in any job or academic program. We tailor these meetings to the needs of current students, however conversations often focus on the grad school application process, networking, resume and CV development, using LinkedIn, marketing your professional strengths, and how to explore possible career paths. 

At the end of your time in the our lab (at least two semesters), you will walk away with a letter of recommendation, professional skills, a better understanding of research in psychology, networking, and career exploration (to name a few).

If all this sounds right up your alley, please complete the application form below and we will get back to you with next steps. 

The Courage Lab-Undergraduate Research Assistant Application