Scientific Contributions

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Evidence-Based Psychosocial Interventions for Ethnic Minority Youth: The 10-Year Update


Prediction of children's early academic adjustment from their temperament: The moderating role of peer temperament

Trajectories of the Expression of Negative Emotion From Kindergarten to First Grade: Associations With Academic Outcomes

Evidence-based interventions for ethnic minority youth.


Reluctance to express emotion explains relation between cognitive distortions and social competence in anxious children

Usability of a smartphone application to support the prevention and early intervention of anxiety in youth. 

Control over anxiety and dispositional coping tendencies are associated with presleep arousal among children referred for anxiety problems. 

The Youth Anxiety Measure for DSM-5 (YAM-5): Development and first psychometric evidence of a new scale assessing anxiety disorders symptoms of children and adolescents


Sleep-related outcomes following early intervention for childhood anxiety.

Culturally Adapted Preventive Interventions for Children and Adolescents


Designing a mobile application to support the indicated prevention and early intervention of childhood anxiety

Observed emotion frequency versus intensity as predictors of socioemotional maladjustment

Variations in the influence of parental socialization of anxiety among clinic referred children


Assessment of Anxiety Symptoms in School Children: A cross-sex and ethnic examination

A personalized and control systems engineering conceptual approach to target childhood anxiety in the contexts of cultural diversity.

The role of theory and culture in child and adolescent prevention science: introduction to the special section

Predictors of Initial Engagement in Child Anxiety Health Specialty Services

Assessing Social Anxiety in African American Youth using the Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory for Children

Evidence-based treatments for mental, emotional, and behavioral problems in ethnic minority children and adolescents


Toward evidence-based clinical assessment of ethnic minority youth. 


Indicated prevention and early intervention for childhood anxiety: a randomized trial with Caucasian and Hispanic/Latino youth.


Cultural influences on social anxiety in African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic/Latinos and Native American Indian adolescents and young adults.


Pre-Sleep arousal and sleep problems of anxiety-disordered youth

Measurement equivalence in child development research

Informed theory and measurement equivalence in child development research

The Assessment of Emotion Regulation: Improving Construct Validity in Research on Psychopathology in Youth

The factor structure of effortful control and measurement invariance across ethnicity and sex in a high-risk sample


Hurricane Katrina and youth anxiety: The role of perceived attachment beliefs and parenting behaviors

Mediators and moderators of outcome in the behavioral treatment of childhood social phobia

Directionality of change in youth anxiety treatment involving parents: An initial examination

Prevention and remediation of emotional and academic problems in youth

Psychosocial interventions for school refusal behavior in children and adolescents

Exposure-based cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety in youth: An emerging culturally-prescriptive framework

Pubertal timing and its links to behavioral and emotional problems among "at-risk" African American adolescent girls

Cross-ethnic measurement equivalence of the RCMAS in Latino and White youth with anxiety disorders

Supplement to: Cross-ethnic measurement equivalence of the RCMAS in Latino and White youth with anxiety disorders


Evidence-based psychosocial treatments for phobic and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents

Evidence-based psychosocial treatments for child and adolescents obsessive-compulsive disorder

Social support, discrimination, and coping as predictors of post-traumatic stress reactions in youth survivors of Hurricane Katrina

Psychosocial treatments for phobic and anxiety disorders in youth.


The psychosocial impact of Hurricane Katrina: Contextual differences in psychological symptoms, social support, and discrimination

Predisaster trait anxiety and negative affect predict posttraumatic stress in youths after Hurricane Katrina


Clinical phenomenology, somatic symptoms, and distress in Hispanic/Latino and European American youths with anxiety disorders


Exposure-based cognitive behavioral treatment for phobic and anxiety disorders: Treatment effects and maintenance for Hispanic American relative to Euro-American youths

A comparison of completers and non-completers of exposure based cognitive behavioral treatment for phobic and anxiety disorders

Clinical distinctions between selective mutism and social phobia: An investigation of childhood psychopathology

The role of control in childhood anxiety disorders


Diagnostic efficiency of symptoms in the diagnosis of DSM-IV: Generalized anxiety disorder in youth.


An analysis of the RCMAS Lie Scale Scores in a sample of anxious children

Test-retest reliability of anxiety symptoms and disorders with the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-IV: child and parent versions


The discrimination of children’s phobias using the Revised Fear Survey for Children